Building Permit Fee, Revalidation Fee, Completion Fee and Permit Fee Applicable for Temporary Structures and their Calculation



  1. All types of buildings- Rs.15/- per square meter covered area on all floors.
  2. Layout plans- Rs. 1/- per square meter plot area up to for first 4.0ha and Rs. 0.50 per square meter for balance area.
  • For re-erection (reconstruction) of buildings- The fees will be the same as those charged for the erection (construction) of new buildings.
  • For submitting a revised building plan for a building which has already been sanctioned- The fees will be one fourth of those that were charged for the submission of the old plan. If the covered area of the building has increased, however, the fees charged will be equivalent, a fresh permit fee will be charged. The area covered by the basement, stilt, podium and services area, shall be counted towards the covered area while calculating the permit fees.
  • If you begin construction without applying for a building permit, a a compounding charge at the rate of Rs. 1000/- per square metre of the covered area shall be levied, provided that you have constructed the building by complying with the rest of the building regulations.
  • If you are revising your layout plan, permit fees shall be charged at the rate of ┬áRs. 0.50 per square metre for that portion of the plot area for which the layout is being submitted.
  • Malba charges of Rs 10 per square metre shall be levied on the total covered area for all buildings on a plot measuring up to 2000 square metres. Fees levied shall be Rs 5 per square metre on plots having an area between 2001 and 10000 square metres, and Rs. 2 per square metres on plots having an area above 10000 square metres.


  • The revalidation fee of a building permit for 5 years shall be 10 percent of the fresh building permit fee, if the application is made before the expiry of the building permit. If the application is made after the expiry of the permit, then the revalidation fee shall be the original building permit fee.
  • If you begin construction without the revalidation of the building permit, fees of Rs 10 per square metre of the covered area shall be levied, provided that you have complied with the rest of the building regulations.


  • For all types of buildings- Rs 10 square metre of covered area on all floors.
  • For layout plan- Rs. 0.5 per square metre plot area for first 4 ha acres and Rs. 0.25 per square metre for balance area.
  • If even after two objection letters have been issued by the Noida Authority you have not made the requisite rectifications, then Rs. 500/- shall be levied as site visit fees for each subsequent visit by officials from the Authority.


  • The applicant must deposit 25 percent of the building permit fees for temporary structures other than labour hutments. For labour hutments fees shall be Rs 0.25 per square metre of covered area. Temporary structures shall be allowed till completion of the building.

The water, sewer and other service connection charges shall be decided by the Authority.