Chapter 11- Provisions for universal design for differently abled, elderly and children Section- 11.5 Building Requirements Section-11.5.1 Approach to Plinth Level

This section outlines that every building should have at least one entrance accessible to the differently abled and shall be indicated by proper signage. This entrance shall be approached through a ramp together with the stepped entry.
a. Ramped Approach: Ramp shall be finished with non-slip material to enter the
building. Minimum width of ramp shall be 1.8 m with maximum gradient 1:12.
Length of ramp in a single stretch shall not exceed 9.0 meter having 0. 8 m high hand rail on both sides extending 300mm beyond top and bottom of the ramp. Minimum gap from the adjacent wall to the hand rail shall be 50mm.
b. Stepped Approach: For stepped approach size of tread shall not be less than
300mm and maximum riser shall be 0.15 m. Provision of 0.8 m high hand rail on
both sides of the stepped approach similar to the ramped approach.
c. Exit/Entrance Door: Minimum& clear opening of the entrance door shall be
900mm and it shall not be provided with a step that obstructs the passage of a wheel chair user. Threshold shall not be raised more than 12 mm.
d. Entrance Landing: Entrance landing shall be provided adjacent to ramp with the
minimum dimension 1.8 m x 2.0 m. The entrance landing that adjoins the top end of a slope shall be provided with floor materials to attract the attention of visually
impaired person's (limited to coloured floor material whose colour and brightness is conspicuously different from that of the surrounding floor material or the material that emits different sound to guide visually impaired persons. Finishes shall have a non-slip surface with a texture traversable by a wheel chair. Curbs wherever provided should blend to a common level.