Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/ Completion of Building Plans, Section 2.12- Documents

In addition to Forms A-1 and A-6, the application for a building permit must be accompanied by the following documents-
2.12.1 Ownership Document /Sale deed /Lease deed/ Perpetual lease deed/ Conveyance deed/ Relinquishment deed/ Gift deed or any other legal document up to the satisfaction of authority/ concerned local body along with site plan. If
lease deed is not executed, a No Objection Certificate from the lessor is required.
2.12.2 Certificate for Incorporation of Green Building Feature.s Please refer to Form A-5 to fill this information. 2.12.3 Certificate of Structural Safety - the certificate of structural engineer that he has to / shall follow structural safety requirement in accordance to National Building Code, Part – IV. Please refer to Form A-4 tol fill this information. 2.12.4 Certificate for Supervision, No Nuisance and Debris Removal - a certificate is to be submitted for supervision and removal of mulba and debris on a regular basis. Please refer to Form A-6 for this information. 2.12.5 Latest receipt of Property Tax payment from House Tax department of the Municipal Corporation.