Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/ Completion of Building Plans, Section 2.14-Building permit not required

No notice and building permit is required for making any addition/alterations which do not otherwise violate any provisions regarding building requirements, structural stability, fire safety requirements and which involve no change to the cubic contents or to the Built up area of the building as defined in the bye laws, (at the risk and cost of the Owner/Architect/Engineer/Structural Engineer). Thus, no notice or building permit is required for the following-
a. Plastering/cladding and patch repairs, except for the Heritage Buildings where Heritage Conservation Committee’s permission is required
b. Re-roofing or renewal of roof including roof of intermediate floor at the same
c. Flooring and re- flooring;
d. Opening and closing windows, ventilators and doors opening within the owners
plot. No opening towards other’s property/ public property will be permitted.
e. Rehabilitation/repair of fallen bricks, stones, pillars, beams etc.
f. Construction or re- construction of sunshade not more than 75cm. in width
within one’s own land and not overhanging over a public street;
g. Construction or re-construction of parapet and also construction or reconstruction of boundary walls as permissible under Bye Laws;
h. White washing, painting etc. including erection of false ceiling in any floor at
the permissible clear height provided the false ceiling in no way can be put to
use as a loft /mezzanine etc.
i. Reconstruction of portions of buildings damaged by storm, rains, fire,
earthquake or any other natural calamity to the same extent as existed prior to
the damage as per sanctioned plan, provided the use conforms to provisions of
j. Erection or re-erection of internal partitions provided the same are within the
preview of the Bye-laws.
k. For erection of Lifts in existing buildings in residential plotted development
(low –rise). Change/Installation/ re-arranging/relocating of fixture/s or
equipment/s without hindering other’s property/public property shall be
l. Landscaping
m. Public Art
n. Public Washroom, Security Room, Bank ATM, up to a maximum area of 9.0
sq. m only (permitted in setback area, provided it does not obstruct fire vehicles
movement) in plot more than 3000sqm. See Chapter 12.o. Placing a porta cabin upto 4.5sqm within the plot line subject to free fire tender movement.