Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/ Completion of Building Plans, Section 2.21- Procedure for Obtaining Revalidation of Building Permit

The Building Permit can be revalidated for a period of one year at a time from
the date of expiry on the  payment of the required revalidation fees. The application for such revalidation must be submitted on plain paper along with the following documents: -
a. Original sanctioned plan
b. Revalidation fee that shall be equal to fee of the original permit.
c. Latest House Tax Receipt.
d. Valid Extension of Time for granting Revalidation, in case the property is
e. Documents in support of construction, if any, having been done within valid
period of sanction
f. Certificate of supervision from Supervisor that the construction is being
carried out under his supervision according to the plans sanctioned by the
authority/ concerned local body.
g. Ownership documents for updated ownership title after previous sanction if
2.21.2 The application for revalidation shall be processed and revalidation or objection, if any, shall be communicated within period stipulated in Chapter 2 & 3 from the date of the application.