Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/ Completion of Building Plans, Section 2.23- Procedure During Construction

Availability of information at site to the authority/ concerned local body:
a. The owner must make available a copy of sanctioned plan at site of the project during the construction of the building.
2.23.2 Intimation at completion of the work up to plinth level:- At this stage, the owner through his Architect/ Engineer/ Supervisor, must inform the
sanctioning authority/ concerned local body to enable it to ensure that the work conforms to the sanctioned Building plans and Building Bye-laws. The following documents are also to be submitted along with the notice:
a. Copy of valid Certificate of registered Architect/ Engineer/ Supervisor.
b. Building plans, indicating the plinth constructed at site in relation to the plot
dimensions, area and setbacks, duly signed by the Owner/Architect/ Engineer/
Supervisor. (Please refer to for C-1)