Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/ Completion of Building Plans, Section 2.25- Procedure for Obtaining Completion-cum-Occupancy Certificate

No person can occupy a building unless the occupancy certificate for the building has been obtained. To obtain an occupance/completion certificate, the following items must be added in the building and the requirements must be fulfilled-

a. Flooring of any type of specification
b. Electrical wiring whereas electrical fitting shall not be mandatory
c. Plumbing and fitting in at least one toilet and kitchen
d. Name and number plate.
e. For internal and external finishing of walls plastering, shall not be
f. Building shall be lockable i.e. all external door and windows have to
be provided. In case grill is provided in the windows then fixing of
glass in the window panes shall not be mandatory.
2.25.2 Part Occupancy Certificate shall be issued for any structure which meets the
minimum requirement of habitation. However, the validity of the sanction shall
remain as per the original sanction. After expiry of validity period, the plan shall
further be revalidated.
2.25.3 In cases, where the building scheme requires approval/ NOCs from statutory bodies such as Delhi Urban Art Commission/ HCC/ DFS and bodies responsible for water & sewerage scheme/ESS-Transformer cum cable installation/Lift installation etc., then the Authority/ concerned local body shall issue the completion cum occupancy certificate only after getting the approval/ NOCs from these statutory bodies.
Notice for Occupancy-cum-Completion: The Owner shall submit the notice of occupancy/ completion along with the required documents and plans as listed
a. Copy of ownership documents.
b. Extension of time up to the date of applying for completion certificate (for
lease hold property) is to be submitted.
c. One set of structural drawings of the building as executed at site along with
Structural Safety Certificate. Please refer to Form A-4.
d. Clearance/ Approval by Delhi Urban Art Commission, Heritage Conservation
Committee or ASI and Delhi Fire Service shall be submitted, if required.
e. Three copies of completion plan as built, (in case of online submission one
copy of the Completion Plan).
f. Minimum Three photographs of the building taken from different angles so
as to show the overall view of the building;
g. A copy of valid registration/ qualification certificate of the professional(s).
h. Certification, that the erection/ re-erection or material alteration, the
workmanship and all the materials (type and grade) are strictly in accordance
with general and detailed specification and the work has been completed to
our satisfaction. Please refer to Form D-1.
i. Final assessment order of labour cess from GNCTD. ( not required in case of
residential building of construction cost less than Rs.10 lacs)