Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/ Completion of Building Plans, Section 2.29- Penal Action

Violation of Master Plan regulations and Building Bye-laws,
a. Compoundable items: Certain violations are to be regularised only to a
limited extent after levying the compoundable charges. These include
violations which do not affect the covered area/FAR, except within the
compounding limits. The compoundable items are enlisted in Annexure IV
b. In case, it is found that Completion/ Occupancy Certificate was obtained
by giving false information about the building, the certificate will be revoked. Action will be taken as per the law also.
Action against the Owner/ Professional:
a. If the Authority/concerned local bodies in Delhi notice that any owner/
professional has given false information about the building or has concealed facts about it, he shall be delisted for a specific period of time by them. The building
permit shall also be revoked. The details of all the delisted professional(s) and
the time frame for which they have been delisted shall be prominently
displayed on the website as well. This will be in addition to the action that will be be taken against the owner/allottee/occupier by the Authority/concerned local body.
b. In case the professional is an Architect(s), the Council of Architecture (COA) shall also be informed about his misconduct for taking suitable action against him.
2.29.3 Construction to be in conformity with Building Bye-Law:
Owners’ liability: The owner cannot escape liability if any of the provisions of the bye laws have been violated.