Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/ Completion of Building Plans, Section 2.5-Requirement of Site


  • Damp Site: If the site on which the project is to be built is damp, the ground surface of the site between the walls of any building erected on it must be rendered damp-proof to the satisfaction of the Authority/ concerned local body.
  • Corner Site: In cases where the building site abuts two streets, the part in the front must be on the street having the larger width. In cases, where the two streets are of same width, then the larger depth of the site will decide the part in the front and the open spaces. If there is a garage (on a corner plot) provided between the open spaces in the project, it must be located diagonally opposite the point of intersection. However the details of the frontage of the building should be as per the approved layout plan.
  • Minimum Size of Site: The minimum size of sites for the construction of
    different types of building or different use groups shall be mainly in accordance
    with provisions of the Master Plan and any land development Rules and Regulations of the Authority/ concerned local body.
  • Distance from Electric Lines: No verandah, balcony, or the like shall be
    allowed to be erected or any additions or alterations made to a building within
    the space between the building and overhead electric supply line in accordance
    with the Indian Electricity Rules (National Electric Code 2011, Clause 3.2) and
    its amendments. The distances provided in NBC (Part III) are indicated in the table below.