Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/ Completion of Building Plans, Section 2.6- Building Plan


  • Scale- The plans, elevations and sections of the buildings, accompanying the notice shall be drawn to a readable scale or preferably to the scale of 1:50 for plots measuring up to 250 sq.m. For plots measuring above 250 sq. m. to 500 sq. m. these shall be drawn at the scale of 1:100 and for above 500 sq. m. these shall be drawn at the scale of 1:200.
  • Details to be shown on Building Plans- The plans must include floor plans of all floors along with the covered area, clearly indicating the location and sizes of all components, like its rooms, staircases, ramps, exit ways, lifts and wells. They must also indicate the use or occupancy of all parts of the building.
  • Details to be shown in sections- The section must indicate the total height of buildings, rooms and also the height of the parapet. At least one section should be taken through the staircase, kitchen, toilet, bath and W.C. and lift.
  • Details to be shown for all elevations- Façade with total height of buildings, permissible projections beyond the permissible building line, location of doors, windows and other openings including ventilators with size in a schedule form.
  • Barrier Free Environment for Differently Abled Persons- Provisions of barrier free environment in public and in all other buildings wherever felt necessary, for differently abled, which are enlisted in Chapter 11.
  • Provisions for energy efficient buildings which are enlisted in chapter 10.
  • Means of access- Every building/plot must be abutting a public/private means of access like a street or roads. In case of an approved layout plan, the means of access shall be in accordance with provisions of the Master plan of Delhi.
  • Clearance from Delhi Fire Service- The building plans for buildings covered under Rule 27 of Delhi Fire Service Rules must adhere to the fire and life safety measures enumerated in the National Building Code of India, as well as the minimum standards for fire prevention and fire protection enlisted in Rule 33 of the Delhi Fire Service Rules.
  • Service plans for water supply, sewage disposal system and details of building services, as per the norms and standards (Part IX Plumbing Services- Section 1- Water Supply, Section – 2- Drainage and Sanitation and Section 3- Gas Supply of National Building Code of India, with amendments from time to time) are to be shown on a scale as per the scale of building plan requirements given in Section 2.3.
  • Design and general specifications of proposed construction, giving types and grades of material to be used in buildings are to be recorded in Form A-1.