Chapter 3, Section No. 3.3.1- Redevelopment strategy

Part A
This part enlists the norms for redevelopment in the Influence Zone along the MRTS Corridor.

It states that a model of 'Transit Oriented Development' shall be adopted for development within the Influence Zone, so that people are able to walk/ cycle to the stations. The scheme for the Development/ Redevelopment of Influence Zone shall be prepared on the basis of the following:

  1. About 500 m. wide belt provided on both sides of the central line of the MTRS corridor will be designated as the Influence Zone. It will be identified in the respective Zonal Development Plan, except for that part of the corridor lying in the Low Density Residential Area (LDRA) of Urban Extension.
  2. The entire approved layout plan of a redevelopment scheme will be included in the zone if more than 50% of the plan area falls inside the influence zone. In case of large schemes, a block or pocket boundary may be considered.
  3. The approval of schemes will be granted after the approval/notification of the respective phase of MRTS.
  4. Development Controls applicable will be as permissible under the TOD Zone.
  5. Higher FAR and height can be availed of through the preparation and approval of a comprehensive integrated scheme.
  6. The TOD zone may be also used as a TDR absorption zone and the TDR regulations for the same will be prepared by DDA.
  7. TOD norms will not be applicable to the following areas- Lutyens' Bungalow Zone, Chanakya Puri, Civil Lines Bungalow Area and Monument Regulated Zone along with Zone-O.

Part B recommends the redevelopment of low-density areas in Delhi through densification. Part 'C' mentions that the areas not mentioned in parts 'A' and 'B' should be redeveloped as per the Development Control Rules (DCR) and in consultation with Resident Welfare Associations or Traders' Associations. These also include NDMC areas.

Part C outlines the need for the redevelopment of-

  1. Special Areas- These include Shahjahanbad, Walled City Extension and Karol Bagh.
  2. Unplanned areas- These include slums, JJ clusters,  Resettlement Colonies, Unauthorised Colonies and villages.