Chapter 3- Streamlining Building Plan Approvals and Environment Clearances, Section 3.2- Environmental conditions for sanctioning Building Plans

3.2.1 For building plans with a total built-up area (BUA) between 5,000 sqm and 1,50,000 sqm, no separate environment clearance will be required provided that the integration of environmental conditions, and thus considering exemption from the requirement of separate environment clearance has been approved and notified by MoEFF&CC.
3.2.2 For building plans under three categories of projects with built up area between 5,000 - 20,000 sqm, 20,000 - 50,000 sqm and 50,000 - 1,50,000 sqm, different set of environmental conditions are being integrated in the building permission conditions to address environmental concerns.

3.2.3 After the MoEF&CC Notification, as referred to in bye-law 3.2.1, the concerned local body, which is authorized to sanction building plans, shall ensure at the time of sanctioning a building plan that the environmental requirements stipulated in Table 3.3 (for BUA above 5,000 sqm and up to 20,000 sqm), Table 3.4 (for BUA above 20,000 sqm and up to 50,000 sqm) and Table 3.5 (for BUA above 50,000 sqm and up to 1,50,000 sqm), as the case may be, are complied with.