Chapter 4, Section No. 4.2- Housing Strategy, Provision No. 4.2.3- Housing For Urban Poor

This section outlines the approaches for constructing new housing as well as upgrading the existing housing of the urban poor.

Rehabilitation/Relocation of Slums & JJ Clusters-

  1. Resettlement, whether in the form of in-situ up-gradation or relocation, should be carried out mainly for built up accommodation of around 25 sq. m.  Common areas and facilities should be provided.
  2. Using land as a resource- Development of accommodation should be carried out with private sector investment as far as possible.
  3. Incentives such as, higher FAR, part commercial use of the land and, if necessary and feasible, Transfer of Development Rights should be provided.
  4. A cooperative resettlement model with adequate safeguards may be adopted with tenure rights being provided through the institution of Co-operative Societies.
  5. The affordability of the resident should be kept in mind while implementing such a scheme.
  6. In cases of relocation, the sites should be identified with a view to develop relatively small clusters in a manner that they can be integrated with the overall planned development of the area, particularly keeping in view the availability of employment avenues in the vicinity.
  7. Suitable arrangement for temporary transit accommodation for families to be rehabilitated should be made. This may preferably be near or at the same site and the utilization of these may be synchronised with the phases of implementation of the scheme of in-situ up-gradation.
  8. Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) should be closely involved in the resettlement process.

Resettlement Colonies
Co-operative societies / private developers / govt. agencies may come forward for redevelopment based on the incentives given under the Squatter Rehabilitation Scheme. Reconstruction of existing plotted development, group housing should be encouraged as per the Redevelopment Guidelines.

Slum & JJ Redevelopment Regulations and Guidelines for Collective Community Rehabilitation/ Relocation - In-situ Up-gradation / Rehabilitation of Slum & JJ Clusters and Resettlement Colonies; Schemes for the rehabilitation of project-affected persons and occupants of unsafe buildings and EWS public housing schemes
Guidelines with site-specific relaxations may be adopted as and when required. Group housing norms shall be applicable with the following conditions-

  1. Minimum plot size should be 2000 sqm, on a minimum ROW of 9 m. In the case of Public Housing, the Technical Committee of the DDA may relax the minimum plot size by 10 %.
  2. A maximum of 3 [900 Dwelling Units per hectare] can be constructed on the residential components of the land.
  3. The scheme should be designed in a composite manner with an overall maximum FAR of 400 on the residential component of the land, including facilities. The FAR on the remunerative component of the land shall be as applicable for the relevant land use.
  4. Mixed land use / commercial component up to 10% of permissible FAR is allowed in the residential component of the land. In addition, 10% of the permissible FAR is permitted for home based economic activities- Group-A Household Industries as given in Annexure I.
  5. Specific situations may require clubbing of scattered squatters with JJ sites in the neighbourhood to work out an overall comprehensive scheme.
  6. The minimum residential component of the land area for the rehabilitation of squatters has to be 60% and maximum area for remunerative use has to be 40%.
  7. Area of dwelling unit for EWS or rehabilitated persons shall be a minimum 25 sqm and max. 40 sq. mt.
  8. Common parking is to be provided for residential components at 0.5 ECS per 100 sqm of floor area which can be relaxed wherever required. Parking for remunerative purposes shall be as applicable for the relevant land use.
  9. No restriction on ground coverage (except set backs).
  10. Schemes shall be approved by concerned local body.
  11. Schemes / designs should be compatible for differently- abled people.
  12. Norms for Social Infrastructure shall be as per B sub para (ii)- ‘Social’.
  13. Norms for Physical Infrastructure shall be as per note (iv) of Table 4.2.

Note:Unsafe buildings are to be determined by the statutory competent authority.

Only those Schemes for Rehabilitation of Project-affected Persons & Unsafe Buildings will be adopted whose guidelines have been formulated. Disposal and eligibility for allotment of the built flats/plots for Schemes for Rehabilitation of Project-affected Persons & Unsafe Buildings shall be governed by the separate policy already formulated or yet to be framed by the Housing & Lands Departments of DDA. Slum & JJ Clusters on plots smaller than 2000 sqm shall be relocated instead of taking up in-situ rehabilitation."