Chapter 4, Section No. 4.2- Housing Strategy, Provision No. 4.2.1- New Housing Areas

This section mentions how the DDA should create new housing through both, public and private agencies.

It states that even if the projections regarding the extent of housing that are met by the redevelopment of the existing areas, there would still be a need for the development of housing to the extent of at least 75,000 DUs per annum in different categories. This implies that specific plans would have to be evolved by DDA with the approval of the Competent Authority.

More than 50% of the new housing would be in the form of one and two room units with an average plinth area of about 25 sq.m. to 40 sq.m. The average plinth area per house to be achieved in various neighbourhoods will also depend on composition of various income groups to be accommodated in the composite housing schemes.

EWS & LIG houses after construction by a private group shall be handed over to the nodal agency/ agencies and these should be allotted to eligible beneficiaries. The new housing developed through the aforementioned methods should be based on a composite area basis and should cater to the special needs of elderly, handicapped and single occupants. With these aspects and planning norms, the land required to be developed in new housing will be to the tune of around 450-500 ha. per annum.