Chapter-7 General Building Requirements/ General Building Requirements/Provisions, Section 7.10 Staircase Requirements

The number of staircases in the buildings shall be determined based on-

  1. The occupant load
  2. Travel distance
  3. Dead end restrictions subject to minimum two staircases in respect of buildings identified under bye-law No. 2.8, provided that the travel distance and other requirements are complied with one staircase. The second shall be a Fire Escape.
  4. The following types buildings must have a minimum of two staircases-

a) Buildings of 15m in height or above, and

b) Irrespective of height of the building (s), the buildings used as business, educational, assembly, institutional, industrial, storage and hazardous occupancies and mixed occupancies having a floor area more than 500 sqm. on any floor.
It is mandatory to provide a ladder or any other form of open access to the overhead tank for inspection.