Chapter-7 General Building Requirements/ General Building Requirements/Provisions, Section 7.4 -Basement

The construction of the basement shall be allowed by authority/ concerned local body in accordance with the land use and other provisions specified under the Master Plan for Delhi/ Zonal Development Plan.
7.4.1 Every basement shall be in every part be at least 2.4 m in height from the floor to the soffit of the beam and 2.4 m minimum width.
7.4.2 Adequate ventilation must be provided for the basement. The standard of
ventilation shall be the same as required for the particular occupancy according
to Building Bye-Laws 7.14 and 8.4.5.
7.4.3 The maximum finish level of the ground floor above basement shall be up to 1.5 m and shall be measured with respect to average surrounding ground level/open/setback level.
7.4.4 Adequate arrangements must be made such that surface drainage does not enter the basement.
7.4.5 The walls and floors of the basement must be watertight and be so designed that the effect of the surrounding soil and moisture, if any, are taken into account in design and adequate damp proofing treatment is given.
7.4.6 The access to the basement shall be either from the main or alternate staircase providing access to the building. In case a lift is provided in a building (including residential buildings) the same shall also serve the basement area. (see provision 7.4.10).
7.4.7 Basement in an individual plot shall be allowed subject to the owner submitting an indemnity bond to the Authority/ concerned local body against any damage caused to the adjacent property. (refer Form A-7)
7.4.8 If partitions in the basements are allowed by the Authority / concerned local
body, no compartment shall be less than 50 sq.m in case of storage. For any
other use, other than storage (in conformity with use premises) the partition
should not be less than 9.5sq.m in area. In such cases, each compartment shall
have ventilation standards as laid down in these building bye-laws.
7.4.9 Basement is not to be counted in FAR if used for parking, household storage and services.
7.4.10 Parking in basement can also be permitted by means of a car lift. In case of
residential buildings (except group housing), ramps are not mandatory. However
for other than residential buildings, ramps are mandatory for plot size above
3000 sq. m.
7.4.11 The basement can be used for storage of households, for other goods, for nonflammable material, dark rooms, strong rooms, bank cellars, stack rooms of
libraries, air conditioning equipment/s and other machines used for services and
utilities of the buildings etc. as per MPD.