Chapter 8- Provisions for High Rise Development Section-8.2 Means of access

This section outlines the means of access, clause 2.7 :
a. A building shall abut on a street or upon spaces directly connected from the street by a hard surface approach road; width of the approach road is 18.0 m ROW (7.5 m ROW for the Redevelopment Areas/ Rehabilitation Colonies/ Special Area/ Village [Lal Dora/ Firni]/ Extended Lal Dora).
b. The hard surface approach road to the building all around shall be capable of taking the weight of fire engine, weighing upto 45 ton having 6.0 m width (with 9.0 m turning
circle at the corners) for building upto 40.0 m in height and 9.0 m width (with 12.0 m turning circle at the corners) in case of buildings more than 40.0 m in height shall be provided and the layout for the same shall be done in consultation with Delhi Fire
Service. The said open space shall be kept free of obstructions and shall be motorable.
c. Main entrance to the premise shall be of adequate width to allow easy access to the fire tender and in no case it shall measure less than 6.0 m. The entrance gate shall fold back against the compound wall of the premises, thus leaving the exterior access way within the plot free for the movement of the fire service vehicle. If archway is provided over the main entrance the height of the archway shall not be of less than 5.0 m in height.