Chapter 8- Provisions for High Rise Development Section-8.3 Parking space

This section outlines the description as per the MPD or the Zonal plan.
In case of high-rise buildings parking would be permitted at any or all of the
i. Open Area : 23 sq.m per E.C.S
ii. Basements : 32 sq.m per E.C.S
iii. Stilts: 28 sq.m per E.C.S
iv. Podium: 28 sq.m per E.C.S
v. Roof top:28 sq.m per E.C.S
c. Stacked Parking: 16 sq.m / Multi-level (with ramp): 30 sq.m/ Multi level- Automated parking: 16 sq.m per E.C.S is also permitted.