Chapter 8- Provisions for High Rise Development Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.1 Doorways

This section outlines the following;
a.Every doorway shall open into an enclosed stairway, a horizontal exit, on a corridor
or passageway providing continuous and protected means of egress.
b. No exit doorway shall be less than as required under clause 7.12.2.
c. Exit doorways shall open outwards, that is, away from the room but shall not obstruct
the travel along any exit. No door, when opened, shall reduce the required width of
stairway or landing to less than 0.9 m, overhead or sliding doors shall not be installed.
d. Exit door shall not open immediately upon a flight or stairs. A landing equal to at least the width of the door shall be provided in the stairway at each doorway. Level of landing shall be the same as that of the floor which it serves.
e. Exit doorways shall be openable from the side which they serve without the use of a key.
f. Mirrors shall not be placed in exit ways or exit doors to avoid confusion regarding the direction of exit.