Chapter 8- Provisions for High Rise Development Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.4 Lifts

This section outlines general requirements of lifts which are as follows:
a. All the floors shall be accessible for 24 hours by the lifts. The lifts provided in the
buildings shall not be considered as a means of escape in case of emergency. In a
dual line arrangement (lifts opposite to each other) the lobby shall be between 1.5
times to 2.5 times the depth of one car. For in-line (single line) arrangements the
lobby shall be typically half of the above recommendations.
b. Grounding switch shall be provided at ground floor level; to enable the fire service to ground the lift shall also be provided.
c. The lift machine room shall be separate and no other machinery shall be installed therein.
d. Walls of lift enclosures and lift lobby shall have fire rating of two hour; (Refer NBC Part 4, Fire and Life safety). Lifts shall have a vent at the top of area not less than 0.2 sq.m
e. Lift car door shall have a fire resistance rating of half an hour.
f. Lift lobby doors in lift enclosures shall have fire resistance (Refer NBC Part 4, Fire and Life safety).
g. Collapsible gates shall not be permitted for lifts and shall have solid doors with fire resistance of at least one hour.
h. If the lift shaft and lobby is in the core of the building, a positive pressure between 25 and 30 Pa shall be maintained in the lobby and a positive pressure of 50 Pa shall be maintained in the lift shaft. The mechanism for pressurization shall act automatically with the fire alarm. It shall be possible to operate this mechanically also.
i. Lifts if communicating with the basement, the lift lobby of the basements shall be pressurized as suggested in clause 8.5.4(f) and 8.5.4(h) with self-closing door with fire resistance rating (Refer NBC Part 4, Fire and Life safety). Telephone or other communication facilities shall be provided in lift cars and to be connected to fire control room for the building.
j. Exit from the lift lobby, if located in the core of the building, shall be through a selfclosing fire door of half an hour fire resistance.
k. Slope shall be provided on the floor of lift lobby, to prevent water used during
firefighting, etc., at any landing from entering the lift shafts.
l. A sign shall be posted and maintained on every floor at or near the lift indicating
that in case of fire, occupants shall use the stairs unless instructed otherwise. The
sign shall also contain a plan for each floor showing the locations of the stairways.
Alternate source of power supply shall be provided for all the lifts through a
manually operated changeover switch.
m. For Pressurization Specifications of various building components refer NBC
Chapter 4 Fire and Life Safety Clause 4.10 (Pressurization of Staircases- Protected
Escape Routes). "