Chapter 8- Provisions for High Rise Development Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.5 Basements

This section outlines general requirements for basement construction which are as follows:

  1. Basement will be permitted within the setback lines subject to clearance from
    Authority/ concerned local body/any other departments concerned, and Delhi Fire Service. Where there are no setbacks, basement should be permitted after leaving 2.0 m and where there is setback of 6m and above, it should be after leaving required 6.0 m from plot boundary ( as per provisions of development control norms of MPD).
  2. Mechanical extractors shall be designated to permit 30 air changes per hour in case of fire or distress call. However, for normal operation, air changes schedule shall be as given in Part 8, Building Services, Section 3, Air-conditioning, Heating and Mechanical Ventilation of National Building Code.