Chapter 8- Provisions for High Rise Development Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.8 Corridors

This section outlines general requirements for corridors:
a. Exit corridors and passageways shall be of width not less than the aggregate
required width of exit doorways leading from them in the direction of travel to the
b. The minimum width of a corridor in a residential building shall be 1.35m for
single loaded and 1.8 m for double loaded and in all other buildings shall be 1.5m
for single loaded and 2m for double loaded. For Assembly Buildings (refer 7.23.3)
the minimum width of the Corridor shall be 2m. Corridor constructed more than
the prescribed / required limit should not be counted towards FAR.
c. Where stairways discharge through corridors and passageways, the clear height of corridors and passageways shall be not less than 2.4 m.
d. All means of exit including staircases lifts lobbies and corridors shall be
naturally/mechanically ventilated.
e. Hospital and nursing home: 2.4 m for both single and double loaded."