Chapter 8- Provisions for High Rise Development Section-8.5 Building services Section-8.5.2 Electrical Services

This section outlines the general requirements for electrical services which are as follows:
a. The electric distribution cables/wiring shall be laid in separate duct which shall be sealed at every floor with non-combustible materials having the same fire
resistance as that of the duct. Low and medium voltage wiring running in shaft and
in false ceiling shall run in separate conduits.
b. Water mains, telephone lines, intercom lines, gas pipes or any other service line
shall not be laid in the duct for electric cables. Use of bus ducts/solid rising mains
instead of cables is preferred.
c. Separate circuits for water pumps, lifts, staircases and corridor lighting and
blowers for pressurizing system shall be provided directly from the main
switchgear panel (for detailed specifications refer NBC).