Chapter 9- Provisions for structural safety, natural disaster, fire and building services Section-9.3.14 Provisions for fire safety officer

This section outlines the provisions for fire safety officer which are as follows:
a. Cinema houses with seating capacity of more than 1000 persons and having
commercial complex with built-up area more than 10000 sq. m and building
having multiple cinema with seating capacity, taken together, of 1000 persons, or
more, whether, having commercial complexes or not;
b. Hotels with 100 rooms and above;
c. Underground shopping complexes, district centres, sub-central business districts,
including the basement with build-up area more than 25000 sq.m
d. Multistoried non-residential buildings above 50.0 meters in height;
e. Large oil and natural gas installations such as refineries, LPG bottling plants and
similar other facilities;
f. Open stadia with seating capacity more than 50,000 persons and indoor stadia
with seating capacity more than 25,000 persons;
g. Hospital and nursing homes with more than 500 beds;
h. Public and semi-public buildings like large surface and sub-surface railway
stations, interstate bus terminus, airports, amusements parks and other similar
Provided that Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, from time to time, include any other premises which, in its opinion, require appointment of fire safety officers.