CHAPTER II, PROVISIONS REGARDING RENT. Section 5 Unlawful charges not to be claimed or received.

This section outlines the following:
(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, no person shall claim or receive any rent in excess of the standard rent, notwithstanding any agreement to the
(2) No person shall, in consideration of the grant, renewal or continuance of a tenancy or sub-tenancy of any premises,
(a) claim or receive the payment of any sum as premium or pugree or claim or receive any consideration whatsoever, in cash or in kind, in addition to the rent: or
(h) except with the previous permission of the Controller, claim or receive the payment of any sum exceeding one month 's rent of such premises as rent in advance.
(3) It shall not be lawful for the tenant or any other person acting or purporting to act on behalf of the tenant or a sub-tenant to claim or receive any payment in consideration of the relinquishment, transfer or assignment of his tenancy or sub-tenancy, as the case may be, of any premises.
(4) Nothing in this section shall apply-
(a) to any payment made in pursuance of an agreement entered into before the 1st day of January, 1939: or
(b) to any payment made under an agreement by any person to a landlord for the purpose of financing the construction of the whole or part of any premises on the land belonging to, or taken on lease by, the landlord, if one of the conditions of the agreement is that the landlord is to let to that person the whole or part of the premises when completed for the use of that person or any member of his family.