Chapter II- Rent, Section 11 - Rent authority to fix standard rent, etc.

1. When the Rent Authority receives an application pertaining to any premises, it is authorised to fix —

(i) the deemed rent for the purpose of clause (c) of sub-section (1) of section 3;

(ii) the enhancement in rent in the manner provided in Schedule I;

(iii) the standard rent as per the provisions of section 7;

(iv) the other charges payable as per the provisions of section 8;

(v) the revision in rent as per the provisions of section 9.

If all this is to become applicable, the landlord cannot apply for the fixation of standard rent as per the provisions of section 7 in the case of a tenancy entered into after the commencement of this Act.

2. The Rent Authority may take assistance of a prescribed valuer in carrying out the following tasks:

i) working out the cost of construction or the market price of land for the purposes of section


ii) computing the expenditure incurred for any improvement, addition or structural alteration or the decrease, diminution or deterioration of accommodation in a premises for the purpose of section 9.

3. When fixing the standard rent of any premises, or when changing the rent or when determining the other charges payable, the Rent Authority is authorised to fix an amount which she or he finds to be reasonable as per section 7 or section 8 or section 9, besides  the other circumstances of the case.

4. When fixing the standard rent of any premises part of which has been sub-let, the Rent Authority may also fix the standard rent of such part sub-let.

5. For some reason, it may not be possible in some cases to determine the standard rent of any premises on the principles mentioned in section 7. In such cases, the Rent Authority may fix a reasonable rent in tune with the situation, locality and condition of the premises and the amenities provided therein. The Authority may also consider the rents of other  similar or nearly similar premises in the locality.

6. The standard rent in all cases is fixed for a tenancy of twelve months. When any premises are let or re-let for a period of less than twelve months, the standard rent for that period is proportional to the annual rent.

7. When fixing the standard rent of any premises, the Rent Authority fixes the standard rent in an unfurnished state of the premise. It may also determine an additional charge to be payable on account of any fittings or furniture supplied by the landlord and it is lawful for the landlord to recover such additional charge from the tenant.

8. When fixing the standard rent or lawful increase or decrease of rent or determining the other charges payable in respect of any premises, the Rent Authority specifies a date from which the amount so fixed is deemed to have effect. However, in no case the date so specified can be earlier than the date of the filing of the application. Also, if the increase is because of improvement, addition or structural alteration, it comes into effect from the date of completion of such improvement, addition or alteration.

9. The Rent Authority, while resetting the rent or other charges, may order for payment of the arrears of amount due by the tenant to the landlord in such number of instalments as she or he deems proper.