Chapter II- Rent, Section 17 - Time limit for making deposit and consequences of incorrect particulars in application for deposit

1. No rent and other charges deposited under section 16 are considered to be validly deposited under that section, unless the deposit is made within twenty-one days of the time referred to in section 15 for payment of the rent and other charges payable.

2. No such deposit is considered to have been validly made, if the tenant wilfully makes any false statement in his application for depositing the rent and other charges payable, and unless the landlord has withdrawn the amount deposited before the date of filing an application for the recovery of possession of the premises from the tenant.

3. If the rent and other charges payable are deposited within the time mentioned in sub-section (1) and do not cease to be a valid deposit for the reasons mentioned in sub-section (2), then the deposit is considered to constitute payment of rent and other charges, as if the amount deposited had been validly tendered.