CHAPTER IV DEPOSIT OF RENT Section 27 Deposit of rent by the tenant

This section outlines the following:
(1) Where the landlord does not accept any rent tendered by the tenant within the time referred to in section 26 or refuses or neglects to deliver a receipt referred to therein or where there is a bona fide doubt as to the person or persons to whom the rent is payable. the tenant may deposit such rent with the Controller in the prescribed manner.

(2) The deposit shall be accompanied by an application by the tenant containing the following particulars, namely:-
(a) the premises for which the rent is deposited with a description sufficient for identifying the premises:
(h) the period for which the rent is deposited:
(c) the name and address of the landlord or the person or persons claiming to be entitled to such rent:
(d) the reasons and circumstances for which the application for depositing the rent is made:
(e) such other particulars as may be prescribed

(3) On such deposit of the rent being made. the Controller shall send in the prescribed manner a copy or copies of the application to the landlord or persons claiming to be entitled to the rent with an endorsement of the date of the deposit.

(4) If an application is made for the withdrawal of any deposit of rent. the Controller shall, if satisfied that the applicant is the person entitled to receive
the rent deposited, order the amount of the rent to be paid to him in the manner prescribed: Provided that no order for payment of any deposit of rent shall be made by the Controller under this sub-section without giving all persons named by the tenant in his application under sub-section (2) as claiming to be entitled to payment of such rent an opportunity of being heard and such order shall be without prejudice to the rights of such persons to receive such rent being decided by a court of competent jurisdiction.