Chapter IV- Protection of tenant against eviction, Section 26 - Right to recover immediate possession of premises to accrue to widows, handicapped persons and old persons

1. Where the landlord is— (a) a widow and the premises let out by her, or by her husband, (b) a handicapped person and the premises let out by him,

(c) a person who is of the age of sixty-five years or more and the premises let out by him,

is required by her or him or for her or his family or for any one ordinarily living with her or him for residential or non-residential use, she or he may apply to the Rent Authority for recovery of immediate possession of such premises.

2. Where the landlord referred to in sub-section (1) has let out more than one premises, it shall be open to him to make an application under that sub-section in respect of any one residential and one nonresidential premises each chosen by him.