Chapter IV- Protection of tenant against eviction, Section 34 - Special provision for recovery of possession in certain cases

Where the landlord in respect of any premises is any company or other body corporate of any public institution, then, notwithstanding anything contained in section 22 or in any other law, the Rent Authority may, on an application made to him in this behalf by such landlord, place the landlord in vacant possession of such premises by evicting the tenant and every other person who may be in occupation thereof, if the Rent Authority is satisfied that —

(a) the tenant to whom such premises were let for use as a residence at a time when he was in the service or employment of the landlord, has ceased to be in such service or employment and the premises are required for the use of employees of such landlord; or

(b) the tenant has acted in contravention of the terms, express or implied, under which he was authorised to occupy such premises; or

(c) any other person is in unauthorised occupation of such premises; or

(d) the premises are required bona fide by the landlord for the use of employees of such landlord or, in the case of a public institution, for the furtherance of its activities.