Chapter VIII, Section 128- Notice of transfers

  1. After the title to a property has been transferred from one person to another, and the instrument of transfer has been registered, the parties must notify the Commissioner. Even if the transfer instrument has not been registered, they must notify him within 3 months.
  2. The heir to the property of a deceased person who was primarily responsible for property tax payment must notify the Commissioner of the inheritance of the property within 6 months after the death.
  3. The notice to be given under this section shall be in a form determined by the bye-laws made under this Act.
  4. A transferor who fails to notify the Commissioner of the transfer of his taxable property shall have to pay the requisite penalty fees and continue to be liable to pay property tax. However, nothing in this section shall affect the liability of the transferee to pay property tax.
  5. The Commissioner shall record every transfer or devolution of title notified to him under this section in his books and in the assessment list.
  6. On a written request by the Commissioner, the registrar or sub-registrar of Delhi, shall furnish the particulars regarding the registration of the instrument of transfer of immovable properties in Delhi.
  7. Such information shall be furnished as soon as, or after the registration of an instrument of transfer is effected. Or, if the Commissioner so requests, it shall be periodically furnished.