Chapter XVI- Building regulations, Section 336- Sanction or refusal of building or work

  1. The Commissioner shall sanction the erection of a building or the execution of a work unless such building or work would contravene any of the provisions of sub-section (2) of this section or the provisions of section 340.
  2. The grounds on which the sanction of a building or work may be refused shall be-
  3. That the proposed building or work or the use of the site for the building or work in a site or ground plan violates any of the bye-laws or any other law.
  4. That the notice for sanction does not contain all the particulars of the project or is not prepared in the manner required under the bye-laws;
  5. That any information or documents required by the Commissioner under this Act or any bye laws have not been duly furnished;
  6. That irrelevant cases, lay-out plans have not been sanctioned in accordance with section 313;
  7. That the building or work would be an encroachment on Government land or Corporation land
  8. That there is no access to the building site.
  9. After giving a sanction, the Commissioner shall notify the person who has given the notice. If he has refused it, he shall record a brief statement of his reasons for such refusal and communicate it to the person who gave the notice.
  10. The sanction or refusal as shall be communicated in the manner specified in the bye-laws.