Chapter XVI- Building regulations, Section 343- Order of demolition and stoppage of buildings and works in certain cases and appeal

  1. If a person executes a work/construction in contravention of this Act or the bye-laws or building sanction, or does not obtain a sanction, the Commissioner may order him to demolish it between not less than 5 and not more than 15 days from the date on which the order was given.

The person concerned shall be given a chance to be heard and challenge the order by the Commissioner. If the erection of the work has not been completed, the Commissioner may order the person concerned to stop the work in case he executes it in the manner described in sub-section 1.

  1. The person aggrieved by the Commissioner’s order may appeal in the Appellate tribunal against the order, within the time period specified in that order.
  2. The Appellate Tribunal has the power to stay the demolition of a work ordered by the Commissioner.
  3. No court can order an injunction restraining the Commissioner from carrying out the provisions within this section.
  4. The Commissioner’s order shall be final unless the Appellate Tribunal gives a different order.