Chapter XVI- Building regulations, Section 348- Removal of dangerous buildings

The Commissioner has the power to require the owner or occupier of a building to demolish, secure or repair a building if it appears to him-

(i) that the building is in a ruinous condition and/or,

(ii) it could harm the occupiers, passers-by or the surrounding buildings or any other place in the neighbourhood.

Thus, the Commissioner may order the following-

  1. He may order the person concerned to set up a hoard or fence or platform or hand-rail for the protection of passers-by and other persons.
  2. If it appears to him that the building is in imminent danger of falling, he may order it to be fenced off, demolished, secured or repaired.
  3. If the person concerned does not comply with the order, he may take the necessary steps to prevent the danger associated with the building.

The Commissioner has the power to recover the expenses incurred while carrying out point no. 3, as tax arrears from the person concerned.