Chapter XVI- Building Regulations, Section 337- When the building work may be proceeded with

  1. If the Commissioner has refused to sanction a building or work, and not communicated his refusal to the person who applied for a sanction within 60 days, the sanction will be deemed to have been given. In that case, the applicant will be free to execute his work. If it appears to the Commissioner the site on which the proposed work requires his sanction may be acquired by a public authority for a public purpose, he may withhold his sanction for 90 days, that is, 30 days more than the 60 days allotted to him to communicate his refusal to sanction, which in other cases, expires within 60 days.
  2. Where a building or work is sanctioned or is deemed to have been sanctioned by the Commissioner the person who gave the notice for obtaining the sanction is free to execute the proposed work under the bye-laws.
  3. If the person to whom a building sanction has been granted does not begin construction within 1 year since the date of obtaining the sanction, he will have to reapply for a sanction.
  4. Before commencing construction, the person concerned shall give a notice to the Commissioner. If the construction does not take place within 7 days of the notified date, he will have to apply for a fresh notice. He cannot commence the work in that case.