CHECKLIST - 1C (For layouts and sub-division of plots)

  1. Ownership documents: Copies of allotment letter, possession certificate, the lease deed (transfer deed in case of transfer), and dimension plan issued by the authority.
  2. Form for first application to develop, redevelop or to make material alteration. (Appendix 1).
  3. Certificate prescribed in Appendix 2: The certificate states that the supervision was undertaken by a technical person. Any change of the technical personnel during construction work must be intimated to the Chief Executive Officer in writing.
  4. Structural stability certificate from the Architect/Structural Engineers as per Appendix 3.
  5. Certificate for sanction of Building Plan as per Appendix 4.
  6. If a basement is proposed to be constructed, an indemnity bond on Rs. 100/- stamp paper duly attested by a Notary must be submitted.
  7. Specifications of proposed building as per Appendix 6.
  8. Photocopy of the registration of the Technical Person as per Appendix 12 duly authenticated with Plot number for which it is submitted.
  9. Application form for water and sewer connection, if applicable.
  10. Photocopy of receipt of fees deposited and any charges, as required by the Authority from time to time, if applicable.
  11. Three copies of drawings (one cloth mounted) duly signed by the Licensed Technical Person and owner.
  12. Certificate of registered structural engineer and owner regarding earthquake resistance of the building as per Appendix 8(A)/8(B)/8(C), wherever applicable.
  13. Three copies of the drawings giving details of provisions for fire safety, security as per National Building Code.
  14. Soft copies of the drawings.
  15. Valid time extension letter, if applicable.
  16. Any other document as may be required by the Authority from time to time.
  17. In case of revision and revalidation original sanction plan to be surrendered/ submitted as the case may be.