Delhi Apartment Ownership Act, 1986


The Apartment Ownership Act provides for the ownership of an individual apartment in a multi-storeyed building along with the ownership of an undivided interest in the common areas and facilities belonging to the building. It also outlines provisions related to the heritability and transferability of individual apartments.

'Apartment' refers to a part of a multi-storeyed building which may be used as a residence, or in some cases, as an office space or a space for carrying out certain occupations.

CHAPTER II- Ownership, Heritability and Transferability of Apartments

Section 4- Ownership of Apartments

Section 5- Apartment to be heritable and transferable

Section 6- Ownership of apartment subject to conditions

Section 7- Compliance with the covenants and bye-laws

Section 8- Right of re-entry

Section 9- Purchasers or persons taking lease of apartments from apartment owners to execute an undertaking

Section 10-  Benamidar of the apartment to be deemed to be the real owner

Section 11- Certain works prohibited

Section 12- Encumbrances against apartments

Section 13- Contents of Deed of Apartment

CHAPTER III- Deed of Apartment and Its Registration

Section 14- Registration of Deed of Apartment

Section 15- Association of Apartment Owners and bye-laws relating thereto

CHAPTER IV- Association of Apartment Owners and Bye Laws for The Regulation of the Affairs of Such Association

Section 16- Insurance

Section 17-  Disposition of property, destruction or damage

CHAPTER V- Common Profits, Common Expenses and Other Matters

Section 19- Common profits, common expenses and other matters

Section 20- Apartment owner not to be exempt from liability for contribution by waiver of the use of the common areas and facilities.

Section 21 Common expenses to be a charge on the apartment

Section 22 Separate assessments

Section 23-Joint and several liability of vendor, etc., for unpaid common expenses.

Section 25- Power to exempt stamp duty, registration fee and court fees and power to refund

CHAPTER VI- Miscellaneous

Section 24- Act to be binding on apartment owners, tenants

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