Delhi Co-operative Societies Act, 1972

(Owner, Self-possessing)

The Delhi Co-operative Societies Act of 1972 consolidates and amends the law relating to co-operative societies.

Chapter II- Registration of Co-operative Societies

Section 6- Restrictions on holding of shares

Section 11- Amendment of bye-laws of a co-operative society

Section 13- Change of name

Section 14- Change of liability

Section 15- Amalgamation, transfer of assets and liabilities and division of co-operative societies

Section 16- Power to direct amalgamation, division and reorganisation in public interest etc.

Section 19- Cancellation of registration certificates of co-operative societies in certain cases

Chapter III- Members of Co-operative Societies, their Rights and Liabilities

Section 20- Persons who may become members

Section 21- Nominal or associate members

Section 23- Votes of members

Section 24-Manner of exercising vote

Section 26- Transfer of interest on death of members.

Section 27- Liability of past member and estate of deceased member

Section 28- Final authority in a co-operative society

Section 29- Annual general meeting

Section 31- Election and nomination of members of committees

Section 32- Supersession of a committee

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