FAR Restrictions on Retail Shops and Offices in Mixed Use Areas



  1. Retail shops and Offices shall be permitted on plots abutting streets notified for mixed use only on the ground floor upto the maximum permissible ground floor coverage.
  2. Mixed use in the basements of properties abutting mixed streets may be allowed, subject to the relevant provisions of building bye-laws, structural safety and fire safety clearance. However, if the mixed use of a basement leads to exceeding the permissible FAR on the plot, the FAR in excess may only be used, by paying the requisite charges prescribed by the government.

The following types of activities and occupations will be permitted if they meet certain requirements-

  1. Business of finished marble products where cutting and polishing activity of marble is not undertaken, will be permitted only on residential plots of minimum 100 square metres size abutting right of way (ROW) of 18 metres and above. The maximum permissible ground coverage for carrying out such a business will be shall be 50%.
  2. Retail shops of gravel, sand and cement shall be permissible in residential plots of at least 100 square metres abutting ROW of 18 metres and above in notified mixed use streets in E, F and G category colonies, provided that the material is kept entirely within the plot premises. The maximum permissible ground coverage shall be 50%.
  3. Repair shops and workshops in case of automobiles shall not be prohibited on plots abutting mixed-use streets or commercial streets of ROW of 30 metres or more.

Four or less than four small shops each of a maximum of 20 square metres in area, are allowed on the ground floors of all residential colonies. They are only allowed to deal in the 24 items enlisted below.

  1. Vegetables / fruits / flowers
  2. Bakery items / Confectionary items
  3. Kirana / General store
  4. Dairy product
  5. Stationery / Books / Gifts / Book binding
  6. Photostat / Fax / STD / PCO
  7. Cyber café / Call phone booths
  8. LPG booking office / Showroom without LPG cylinders
  9. Atta Chakki
  10. Meat / Poultry and Fish shop
  11. Pan shop
  12. Barber shop / Hair dressing saloon / Beauty parlour
  13. Laundry / Dry cleaning / ironing
  14. Sweet shop / Tea stall without sitting arrangement
  15. Chemist shop / Clinic / Dispensary / Pathology lab
  16. Optical shop
  17. Tailoring shop
  18. Electrical / Electronic repair shop
  19. Photo studio
  20. Cable TV / DTH Operation
  21. Hosiery / Readymade Garments / Cloth shop
  22. ATM
  23. Cycle Repair Shop
  24. Ration shop & Kerosene Shop under PDS.
  25. Any other item / activity that may be notified by the Central Government.

While no new activity has been notified by the Central Government as of date (November, 2020), the notified colony-wise Mixed Use charges can be found in this notification.


  1. Retail shops of building materials [timber, timber products (excluding furniture), marble, iron and steel, gravel, cement and sand, firewood, coal and any fire hazardous and other bulky materials].
  2. Repair shops / workshops of automobiles, tyre resoling and re-treading, and battery charging.
  3. Storage, go-down and warehousing.
  4. Junk shop (except paper and glass waste)
  5. Liquor shop
  6. Printing, dyeing and varnishing
  7. Any other activity that may be notified from time to time by Government.