General Terms and Conditions Governing Mixed Use


In residential plotted development-

  1. Where there is only one dwelling unit in a residential plot, only one type of mixed use, for instance, a retail shop, is permitted in it.
  2. Where there are more than one dwelling units in a residential plot, each of the dwelling units will be permitted to have only one type of mixed use activity.

In group housing-

  1. Only professional activity and small shops shall be permissible. Retail shops specifically provided for in the lay out plan of group housing would be permissible.
  2. However, the entire ground floor of DDA flats in mixed use, commercial use areas and stretches is allowed for mixed use or commercial use. On the ground floor, only one retail shop of maximum size of 20 square metres is permitted; the rest of the area may be used for professional activity. The amalgamation of two or more DDA flats is not allowed.

Other terms and conditions-

  1. Development control norms as applicable for the particular residential use will continue to be applicable, even if the plot/dwelling unit is put to mixed use.
  2. In plotted development, the front setback must not have a boundary wall, so that it can be used for additional parking.
  3. Parking for 2 Equivalent Car Spaces per 100 square metres built up area shall be provided within the premises.
  4. This condition shall apply even if residential premises are used only for professional activity.