Information Accompanying Layout Plans for Building Permit Application


You must furnish the following information in your application for a building permit for constructing residential buildings other than plotted group housing.

  • Key Plan– A key plan drawn to a scale of not less than 1:1000 must be submitted along with the application for a building permit showing the boundary locations of the site with respect to neighbourhood landmarks.
  • The boundaries of the plot and the name/number of the properties and road abutting the plot.
  • Plot number of the property on which the building is intended to be erected.
  • All existing building and physical features standing on, over or under the site.
  • Building envelope at each floor level in relation to the site.
  • The total plot area and the break-up of covered areas on each floor with their percentages with reference to the total area of the plot.
  • Total height of the building.
  • Details of projections and structures in setbacks.
  • Sewerage and drainage lines upto discharge point, rain water harvesting and water supply lines;
  • Details of boundary wall and its plinth, culvert and ramp, trees, concealing of water tank on roof with jali.
  • Car parking details, if applicable.
  • Scale used and the direction of north point relating to plan of proposed building.

In addition to this information, you (the builder) also must furnish the following-

  1. Documents as per Checklist 1-B enclosed in Appendix -1.
  2. Specifications: General specifications of materials to be used in different parts of the building as given in Appendix -6.