Master Plan 2021


DDA - Master Plan of Delhi - 2021

The Master Plan is a statutory instrument for controlling, directing and promoting the development and redevelopment of the city to achieve maximum economic, social and aesthetic benefits. The Master plan allocates land in the city for various uses and outlines provisions related to the installation of civic infrastructure.

Chapter 3

Section No. 3.3.1- Redevelopment strategy

Section No. 3.3.2- Policy for Redevelopment Schemes

Chapter 4

Section No. 4.2- Housing Strategy, Provision No. 4.2.1- New Housing Areas

Section No. 4.2- Housing Strategy, Provision No. 4.2.2- Restructuring and Upgradation of the Existing Areas

Section No. 4.3- Use Activities Permitted in Use Premises

Chapter 12 Parking In Residential Areas

Chapter 14

Table 14.1- Water Augmentation Plan

Table 14.2- Sewerage Augmentation Plan

Table 14.7-Existing Landfill sites for Waste Management

Chapter 15

Section No. 15.2- Mixed Use in Residential Areas, Provision No. 15.2.3

Section No. 15.3.3- Notification of Mixed Use Streets in Urban Areas

Section No. 15.4- General Terms and Conditions Governing Mixed Use

Section No 15.5- Permissible and Non-Permissible Uses

Section No 15.6- Retail Shops and Offices

Section No 15.9- Registration of Mixed Use and Payment of Charges

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