Persons Who may be Members of a Co-operative Society, and Classes of Members

PROVISION NO. 17, 18 and 19

Who can become members of co-operative societies?

  1. Individuals who are 18 years of age or over, are of sound mind, and not disqualified from entering into contracts by this law or any other law.
  2. Any other co-operative society;
  3. The State government;
  4. The Central government.
  5. The State Warehousing Corporation established or deemed to be established under the Warehousing Corporations Act of 1962;
  6. A corporate body not covered by any other clause and approved by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies for nominal or ordinary membership. The grounds for membership must be that the membership of the corporate body in question will be useful for the development of that co-operative society.

In addition to ordinary members, co-operative societies may have the following kinds of members-

Sympathizer members- Individuals may be admitted as sympathizer members if they are genuinely interested in the fulfillment of the objective with which the society was established. The number of sympathizer members on the management committee shall not exceed 10 percent of their total membership in the society.

  1. Nominal members- Individuals with whom the co-operative society has or proposes to have business dealing may be admitted as nominal members. Nominal members shall have no right to share in the profits of the society nor shall they be eligible for the membership of the management committee.
  2. Associate members- Individuals including  minors who are seasonal or temporary workers or apprentices in the business of the society may be admitted as associate members. Associate members shall not be eligible for the membership of the managing committee.

A co-operative society may confer certain rights and privileges upon sympathiser, nominal or associate members by outlining them in its bye laws.