Chapter II- Registration of Co-operative Societies, Section 11- Amendment of bye-laws of a co-operative society

  1. The bye laws of a co-operative society may be amended only if the amendment has been registered under this Act.
  2. The proposal for every amendment must be forwarded to the Registrar. The Registrar must be satisfied that-
  • The amendment is not in violation of this Act;
  • It does not conflict with co-operative principles; and
  • It will promote the economic interests of the members of the society.

If the amendment satisfies these conditions, the Registrar may register it.

After registering the amendment, he must sign a certificate registering the amendment, and forward a copy of the certificate to the concerned co-operative society.

When the Registrar intends to refuse permission to amend the bye laws, he must communicate his refusal to the concerned co-operative society, along with the reasons behind his refusal.