Chapter II- Registration of Co-operative Societies, Section 15- Amalgamation, transfer of assets and liabilities and division of co-operative societies

A co-operative society society may

  • Transfer its assets and liabilities in whole or in part to any other co-operative society;
  • Divide itself into two or more co-operative societies.

However, it may do so only with the prior approval of the Registrar and the approval of at least two-thirds of the members  present and voting at a general meeting of the society.

  1. Any two or more co-operative societies may  amalgamate themselves and form a new co-operative society.
  2. An amalgamation shall not take place unless-
  • The assent of all the members and creditors of the concerned co-operative societies has been obtained.
  • The claims of all the members and creditors have been met in full in the time period specified.