Section 3 Manners of sealing of unauthorized construction

1. The Chairperson or an officer authorised by him may direct any municipal employee not below the rank of a Junior Engineer of the Council to seal any unauthorised construction or premises relating thereto under Section 250 of the Act.

2. A copy of the order made under sub-rule (1) shall be delivered to the owner or occupier of the unauthorised premises immediately after the sealing and in case the owner or the occupier is not available at the site, the copy may be pasted at some conspicuous place of the unauthorised premises.

3. The owner or occupier of the unauthorised construction or the premises whose property has been sealed under sub-rule (1), may obtain a certified copy of such order from the officer concerned.

4. The municipal employee concerned may, before the scaling of the unauthorised construction, prepare a rough sketch or plan of the unauthorised construction along with approximate measurements.

5. The municipal employee concerned may take all the necessary measures to ensure that no unauthorised person can enter or open the property without breaking or removing the seal.  Thus she/he may seal the outer door of the building after ensuring that other outlets and inlets of the unauthorised premises have been properly locked, bolted or encircled with wire, rope or wire-mesh or any other material. Where such unauthorised premises cannot be enclosed with wire, rope or wire-mesh or any other material or has no boundary walls, the municipal employee shall be authorised to post any person for watch and ward purposes.

6. Where any unauthorised premises is found to be locked or inaccessible, the municipal employee may either break open the lock or any other barrier and enter the unauthorised premises so as to ensure that the unauthorised premises is secured from within and then lock and seal the unauthorised premises. While doing so, she or he shall prepare an inventory of the articles or material found in the premises in the presence of two witnesses. A copy of the inventory  shall be delivered to the owner or occupier present at the site.

7. The unauthorised premises shall be sealed with the seal of the New Delhi Municipal Council, which shall remain in the custody of an officer authorised by the Chairperson in this behalf.

8. The municipal employee, directed to seal the unauthorised construction or premises, after such unauthorised premises has been sealed, shall inform in writing to -

(a) the Police Station of the area in which unauthorised premises is situated; or

(b) any other Police Station as may be specified for the purpose in this behalf; and

(c) the officer on whose directions unauthorised premises has been sealed.