The Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957

(Owner, self-possessing)

The Delhi Municipal Corporation Act of 1957 consolidates and amends the law relating to the Municipal Corporations of North, East and South Delhi.
TEAL has extracted and simplified for you those provisions given in the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act of 1957, which relate to the taxation and building of residential properties.

Chapter VIII- Taxation

Section 114- Components and rates of property tax

Section 116- Determination of rateable value of lands and buildings assessable to property taxes

Section 120- Incidence of property taxes

Section 121- Apportionment of liability for property taxes when the premises assessed are let or sublet

Section 122- Recovery of property taxes from occupiers

Section 124- Assessment list

Section 127- Preparation of new assessment list

Section 128- Notice of transfers

Section 131- Power of Commissioner to call for information and returns and to enter and inspect premises

Section 132- Premises owned by, or let to, two or more persons in severalty to be ordinarily assessed as one property

Section 133- Assessment in case of amalgamation of premises

Section 134- Power of Commissioner to assess separately out-houses and portions of buildings

Section 135- Power of Commissioner to employ valuers

Section 147- Duty on Transfer of Property

Section 149- Tax on building applications

Chapter X- Properties and contracts

Chapter XVI- Building Regulations

Section 334- Applications for additions to, or repairs of, buildings

Section 339- Buildings at corners of streets

Section 340- Provisions as to buildings and works on either side of new streets

Section 341-Period for completion of building or work

Section 345- Power of Commissioner to require alteration of work

Section 345 A- Power to seal unauthorised constructions.

Section 346A- Power to seal unauthorised constructions

Section 347- Restrictions on user of buildings

Section 348- Removal of dangerous buildings

Section 349- Power to order building to be vacated in certain circumstances

Chapter XXI- Improvement Scheme

Section 425- Improvement scheme

Section 426- Matters to be provided for in an improvement scheme

Section 427- Submission of improvement scheme to the Corporation for approval and to the Central Government for sanction

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