Unified Building Bye-Laws for Delhi 2016

The Unified Building Bye Laws for Delhi of 2016, enlist provisions to regulate the coverage, height and architectural design of buildings. The Bye Laws also provide for safety measures in order to protect buildings against natural disasters.

Chapter 2- Procedure and Documentation for Sanction/
Completion of Building Plans

Section 2.1- Copies of Plans and Statements

Section 2.2-Key Plan of Building Proposal

Section 2.3- Site Plan of Building Proposal

Section 2.4- Layout/ Site Plan or Sub-division Plans

Section 2.5-Requirement of Sit

Section 2.6- Building Plan

Section 2.7- Means of Access

Section 2.8- Plans for Building Requiring Clearance from Delhi Fire Service

Section 2.9- Service Plan

Section 2.10- Specifications

Section 2.11- Supervision

Section 2.12- Documents

Section 2.12- Documents, Forms

Section 2.13-Signing of Plans for Submission to Authority/ Concerned Local Body

Section 2.14-Building permit not required

Section 2.15

Section 2.16- Bulk characteristics for Development on specific plot (Planning requirement with respect to provision of MPD)

Section 2.18- Sanction

Section 2.19- Grant, Refusal and ‘Deemed to be Sanctioned

Section 2.20-Validity Period of Building Permit

Section 2.21-  Procedure for Obtaining Revalidation of Building Permit

Section 2.22- Revocation of Building Permit

Section 2.23-  Procedure During Construction

Section 2.24- Inspection

Section 2.25- Procedure for Obtaining Completion-cum-Occupancy Certificate

Section 2.26 Communication for Occupancy/ Completion Certificate

Section 2.27- Regularisation

Section 2.28- Unauthorised Construction

Section 2.29- Penal Action

Section 2.30- Unsafe Buildings

Chapter 3 Streamlining Building Plan Approvals and Environment Clearances

Section 3.1- 3.1 Risk Based Classification for Approval of Building Plans, Sub-section 3.1.1- Residential buildings

Section 3.2- Environmental conditions for sanctioning Building Plans

Chapter 4

Chapter 4- Procedure and Documentation for ‘Saral’ Procedure and Documentation for ‘Saral’ Scheme for Small Residential Plots Scheme for Small Residential Plots

Chapter 7 General Building Requirements

Section 7.1- Space Requirement for Different Parts of Residential Building of Different Size of Dwelling Units

Section 7.2- Other general requirements

Section 7.4 -Basement

Section 7.5-Exit requirements

Section 7.6- Types of Exits

Section 7.7- Number and Size of Exits

Section 7.8- Arrangement of Exits

Section 7.9- Capacity of Exits, Table 7.2-Number of Occupants per unit Exit width

Section 7.10 Staircase Requirements

Section 7.11 Staircase Details

Section 7.12 Doorways

Section 7.13- Provision of Exterior Open Spaces and Height Limitation Around the Building

Section 7.14 Interior Open Space for Light and Ventilation

Section 7.15 Provision of parking in Stilts, Podium and Landscaping

Section 7.16 Joint Open Air Space

Section 7.18 Height Limit

Section 7.19 Height Exemptions

Section 7.20 Lighting and Ventilation of Habitable Rooms

Section 7.21 Ventilation Shaft

Section 7.22 Parapet

Chapter 8 Provisions for High Rise Development

Section-8.0 High Rise

Section-8.1 Plot Area

8.2 Means of access

8.3 Parking space

Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.1 Doorways

8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.2 Revolving doors

Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.3 Stairways

Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.4 Lifts

Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.5 Basements

Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.6 Compartmentation

Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.7 Ramps

Section-8.4 Means of access Section-8.4.8 Corridors

Section-8.4 Means of access Section -8.4.9 Glass Façade/ Service Ducts/Shafts/ Refuge Area/ Vents

Section-8.5 Building services Section-8.5.1 Staircase and Corridor Lighting

Section-8.5 Building services Section-8.5.2 Electrical Services

Section-8.5 Building services Section-8.5.3 Alternate Source of Electric Supply

Section-8.5 Building services Section-8.5.5 Transformers

Section-8.5 Building services Section-8.5.6 Gas supply

Section-8.6 Helipad

Chapter 9- Provisions for structural safety, natural disaster, fire and building services Section

Section-9.3.1 Fire Escape Staircase

9.3.14 Provisions for fire safety officer

Chapter 10- Provisions for green buildings

Section- 10.1 Provisions and applicability

Chapter 11- Provisions for universal design for differently abled, elderly and children

Section- 11.5 Building Requirements Section-11.5.1 Approach to Plinth Level

Section- 11.6 Stair-ways

Section- 11.7 Lifts

Section- 11.8 Toilets

Section- 11.9 Designing for children

Chapter 12 SWACCH DELHI Provisions for Public Washroom Complexes

Chapter-13 Provisions for Public Art

Annexure III

Annexure IV- Penal Action For Violation of Master Plan Provisions of Master Plan/Zonal Plan Regulations Bye-Laws

Annexure VI- Master Plan Delhi, 2021- Development Control

Annexure VII- Protection against Hazards

Annexure VIII- Number and Type of Lifts Required for Different Occupancies and Space for Electrical Installations

Annexure IX

Annexure X- Green Building Provisions

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