Chapter 8- Provisions for High Rise Development Section-8.4 Means of access Section -8.4.9 Glass Façade/ Service Ducts/Shafts/ Refuge Area/ Vents

This section outlines the following:
a. An opening to the glass façade of minimum width 1.5 m and height 1.5 m shall be provided at every floor at a level of 1.2 m from the flooring facing compulsory
open space as well as on road side. Construction that complies with the fire rating
of the horizontal segregation and has any gap packed with a non-combustible
material that will withstand thermal expansion and structural movement of the
walling without the loss of seal against fire and smoke.
b. Mechanism of Opening: The openable glass panel shall be either left or right shall have manual opening mechanism from inside as well as outside. Such openable panels shall be marked conspicuously so as to easily identify the openable panel from outside.
c. Fire seal to be provided at every floor level between the external glazing and
building structure.
d. The glazing used for the façade shall be of toughened (tempered) safety glass as
per I.S.2553.
e. To avoid fire propagation vertically from lower floor to upper floor, a continuous
glass facade must be separated internally by a spandrel which:
i. is not less than 0.9 m in height; and
ii. Extends to not less than 0.6 m above the upper surface of the intervening
floor; and
f. Distance between the external wall (glass/brick) and glass façade shall not be more than 0.3 m., which will be within the Building Line.
g. To avoid fire propagation vertically from one floor to another floor, a continuous
glass facade must be separated internally by a smoke/ fire seal which is of noncombustible material having a fire resistance rating of not less than two hours.
h. Service ducts and shafts shall be enclosed by walls and doors with fire resistance
rating (Refer NBC). All such ducts/shafts shall be properly sealed and stopped fire
ingress at all floor levels.
i. A vent opening at the top of the service shaft shall be provided having an area
between one- fourth and one-half of the area of the shaft.
j. The openable vent of minimum 2.5% of the floor area shall be provided. The
openable vent can be pop out type or bottom hinged provided with fusible link
opening mechanism and shall also be integrated with automatic Smoke Detection
• Alternate vertical glass panels of the façade shall be openable type with the
mechanism mentioned above in order to ventilate the smoke.
• Refuge areas covered with the glass façade shall have all the panels fully
openable (either left or right hinged) both from inside as well as outside.