Vote to Members and Manner of Exercising Vote

PROVISION NO. 20 and 21

No member of a co-operative society shall exercise the rights of a member unless he had made the requisite membership payment to the society.

  1. Every ordinary and sympathizer member of a co-operative society is entitled to one vote. A sympathizer member is an individual who has been given membership of the society because he is genuinely interested in the fulfillment of the objective with which the society was established.
  2. Nominal and associate members are not permitted to vote.

When do members get disqualified from voting?

  1. Members who have defaulted on the payment of their membership dues by a period of more than 6 months.
  2. Members who have failed to pay 75 percent or more of their total dues on the due date.

In instances where the due date has not been specified, it shall be the date on which 6 months end from the date of the last payment.

No member is permitted to vote by proxy.